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The Future in the Palm of Your Hand

Even if you don't believe in predestiny (which forms part of the Hindu belief system), one of Jodhpur's most delightful citizens, the astrologer and palmist Mr. Sharma, will make a believer out of you. Honing his craft, or rather his science, for nearly 50 years, Mr. Sharma will (with often startling accuracy) provide insights about your personality, habits, genetic health, work, and romantic life; on top of it all, he'll share heartfelt advice that you dare not ignore. You can put your palms in his hands at the Mehrangarh Fort; he works in a small consulting office on Moti Mahal Chowk (toward the end of your tour) from 9am to 5pm daily. If requested, he'll come to certain hotels after hours. To make an appointment, call the fort (tel. 0291/254-8790, ext. 39), his mobile (tel. 94-1413-0200), or his residence (tel. 0291/261-4439). Remember to remove your nail polish, and be prepared for one of the more intimate moments of your trip to Rajasthan.


The Daily Diary of a Wandering Restaurateur Feb 7- Mehrangarh Fort


The Hindus believe in predestiny and palm readers have long been valued advisors. One of the country's most respected palmists holds forth in a small office inside Mehrangarh Fort. Mr. S.L. Sharma is one of Jodhpur's most delightful and unusual citizens. He has been an astrologer and palmist for 50 years and I found his insights into my personality, health, work (and love life) were amazingly accurate.


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Astrologer Mr. Sharma (+91-291-2548790, Ext. 39, or Cell: +91-94141-30200, Email: slsharma@satyam.net.in) at Mehrangarh Fort open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, offers palm reading from his office in Moti Mahal section at the fort Mr. Sharma has been studying Astrology for over 30 years and can also offer private consultation, for which ou need an advance booking. Don't wear nail polish if you intend getting a reading, as the nails are used to ascertain your state of health.


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Moti Mahal:  Palmist reads your fortune at Moti Mahal chowk ( Museum area........)

reported as uncannily accurate about past


Rough Guide to Rajasthan

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In the courtyard just before the Moti Mahal, the Royal Astrologer, who doubles as a Palmist, provides "consultantions" But his powers don't work if you are wearing nail polish (call Tel: +91-291-5536506 for an appointment, he also holds nightly evening consultations at The Umaid Bhawan Palace at 7 to 9 P.M.)


Lonely Planet India

(Extract Page No. 617) (10th Edition)

There is even a fort astrologer Mr. Sharma at the fort (Cell : +91-94141-30200) Who is available for consultation from 9 am to 5 pm daily.





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A Palmist sits in the courtyard (Moti Mahal) to fortell the future of visitors.


India, part 4: Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur
December, 2004
by Norman Koren

Near the conclusion of the Mehrangarh Fort museum tour, in the Moti Mahal Chowk, there were signs for the palm reader/astrologer, Mr. S. L. Sharma. Exactly the sort of sign I normally ignore. But Louise stopped for a reading, then told me I should get one. I reluctantly agreed.

Mr Sharma started by telling me I was highly innovative; that I did things in my own way. He told me that I was stubborn. (Me? Well, my father was stubborn and my kids are stubborn, and my wife and kids all think I'm stubborn. But me???) He told me I was a good writer. (Better! That could get him an endorsement in my website.) Then he told me that my career had recently changed; that I was getting more recognition but less money. That really got my attention. Nobody could call that a generalization, like "you like to travel," duh! (He never told me that. I was pretty tired of traveling.)

What he said about the future was encouraging in the long run, but demanding of patience. I won't repeat it now-- it's a little too close to the Imatest business plan.

Palm reader/astrologer Mr. S. L. Sharma +91-291-2548790, ext. 39 (MehrangarhFort) 94141-30200 (mobile) Email:- slsharma@satyam.net.in

Mr. Sharma also has an office at the Umaid Bhawan Palace. +91-291-2510101 to +91-291-2510112 Ext. 2 or 6.


Many of India’s former palaces have been transformed into sumptuous hotels accessible to all. Ian Belcher takes a tour and gets a taste for the life of a royal

Hidden within its dramatic maze of courtyards are actors, musicians and astro-palmist SL Sharma. He quickly identifies.

sensitivity, lack of drive – and then turns to my romantic life. After studying my hands, he scribbles pages of lunatic hieroglyphics, diagrams and taps away on a calculator. “You split up around this age,” he said, showing me a display reading 35.777774. “You are an idealistic romantic.”